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           Surface Water Management and Driveway Enhancement Update January 2024: 

                                             Beach Access Road Work Begins


The record King Tides and severe storm of December 27, 2022 blew out the north end of the dike of the coastal lagoon on our property sending flood waters over North Bluff Road and into our neighbors’ properties, causing severe damage. 

The GBBC board has spent the past year working to remedy the issue. 

  • ·  We applied to Island County for permits for a potential dike repair three times in 2023.

  • ·  We engaged with Island County’s Department of Public Works, Whidbey Island Conservation District, Port Commissioner Melanie Bacon and our neighbors to the south of our beach to seek a solution.

  • ·  We retained the services of the Skillings engineering firm to provide plans and assist with permit applications.

  • ·  Permitting issues and costs led to a rethinking of how best to approach mitigating the dangers of severe flooding.

  • ·  A simple, expedient and cost effective concept evolved in anticipation of the upcoming King Tides. This concept, to raise the beach access road, has been proposed in other explorations of surface water management on our property over the past ten years. This time, a plan was drawn up by a neighbor to the south. It was approved by Skillings.
    The GBBC board has approved the plan which will raise the beach access driveway by 2 feet in order to provide protection from severe tidal inflow.

  • ·  We have contracted the services of Country Roads, LLC. to layer a base and new
    gravel surface. Work began on the week of January 8, 2024.

  • ·  The work should be completed within a week.

  • The GBBC Board will continue to explore a long term solution to surface water management and a functioning tide gate. The board is grateful to our neighbors for their participation in searching for an expedient, cost-effective solution, to Holmes Harbor Estates community members who have worked on this project for years, and to the members of our community for your continuous support. 

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